Adult Faith Formation - RICA Formación para Adultos


Adult Faith Formation is the program for you if you are a single adult, and would like to prepare for the sacrament of:

Baptism, Confirmation, Reconciliation,  First Communion, or just want to grow in your faith, we can help you prepare.

We reflect on God’s plan of salvation for humanity: the fall, incarnation, life, death and resurecction of the Lord Jesus Christ,. As well as the meaning of a sacrament, and the effects of each sacrament in our lives.

We will walk together with prayer and guidance of the holy spirit.

We teach what we believe, share faith experiences and reflect on the Holy Bible, Catechism of Cathlic Church and illustrated manuals.

Holy Name Catholic Church and Adult Faith Formaton team welcomes you, come as you are.

Presenters and Catechists are Aracely Beltran, Roslie Camacho and Emilia Pech .

Minnie Martinez





Director of Adult Faith Formation


Directora de Formación de Fe para Adultos


Minnie Martinez